The seeds for the start of MFD were already in place when Fred de Boer finished his horticultural education in the Netherlands. Coming from a family that has it’s roots in the flower bulb industry for multiple generations, it was a natural progression that Fred ended up in the flower business. After a career in the wholesale and distribution of cut flowers and potted plants, the decision was made to jump across the pond to Canada.

First having started working at one of the leading grower and wholesale operations for about four years, Fred learned a lot about the local floral industry, the possibilities and some of the perceived limitations.

The area east of Vancouver is called the Lower Mainland, and there are a large number of cut flower, plant and nursery stock growers in the area.

Each of these growers specialize in just a few crops, focusing on quality, consistency and efficiency.

Recognizing the reliable supply in the Lower Mainland and the demand all around it, Fred decided to provide the connection between the producers and the consumers.

That is how in 1995 Mainland Floral was born, bringing BC’s best, delivered fresh!


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