Bringing a vast variety of cut flowers, potted plants and decorative greens on a weekly basis to the many destinations that we serve, takes a bit of organization.

We produce a weekly availability list where all the items that are available for the week are listed.

This weekly list is complemented by our “detail sheets” where you can see what varieties of herbs, foliage, bedding plants or perennials can be ordered in full flat quantities that week.

All of this information is available on this website, with your specific delivered pricing available once you log in.

You can also get the weekly lists emailed or faxed, whatever you prefer!

We also offer you a variety of holiday prebook programs, as well for all the seasonal occasions in between!

To place an order, fax it toll free, email it or call us, we would love to talk with you!

When your place your order with us, most of the product for your order will be picked at the various greenhouses the day of shipping, either on Tuesday or Friday.

Our trucks will do the rounds to pick it up — some growers deliver, some of it just rolls from our greenhouses straight into our warehouse!

Besides what we grow ourselves in the two greenhouse locations we have in production, we work very closely with some of the best growers, and order directly from them so we can get you exactly what you want, particular colours, certain varieties, you name it.

It is the great relationship that we have with our growers that we value, and we think it benefits you!

We offer all products in your currency, and the price includes delivery to your door (or at the airline of your choice in case you are located in any area that is not serviced by our trucks).

Most of our customers are served by our own fleet of temperature controlled trucks, in which case our fabulous drivers will deliver your order on our racks, so no box charges will be incurred!

We serve Western Washington and Portland Oregon twice a week, Spokane and Alberta weekly, and other outlying areas in Washington and Oregon every other week, see our “shipping schedule” for more details.

We also deliver twice a week to SeaTac airport — where we deliver to a variety of airlines in order to supply customers in Alaska, Idaho, Montana and occasionally as far away as Atlanta, Georgia, Hawaii, Washington D.C. and Guam.

Orders shipped via air will be packed in an efficient fashion, in order to keep the freight charges low, and control the cost of shipping.

In general, 90% of the products on your order are at your place within 24 hours of being picked out of the greenhouses or nurseries they were grown at!

Feel free to call us at (604) 856-1264 for more information. We look forward to being of service to you!

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