We really look forward to look after your floral needs and can’t wait to get started!

In order to do so we would like to ask you to complete the Account Application in order to setup your business in our system.

By completing and submitting the Account Application you agree to accept our terms and conditions. Valid tax and business numbers are required for your local jurisdiction (USA and/or Canadian customers).

If you prefer to pay with a credit card each time you receive an order from us, just note that on the application and your account will be set up accordingly.

Terms and conditions:

  • Minimum order value for free delivery to your door is $600 (providing you are within our regular delivery area). Note, orders delivered to Seatac airport, or a drop point such as Floral Delivery in Calgary, Edmonton or our dock in Portland, Oregon are excluded from this minimum.
  • Orders that are below the $600 may be charged a $10 delivery fee.
  • Orders that are below $500 may be charged a $20 delivery fee.
  • Orders that are below $400 may be charged a $30 delivery fee.
  • Orders that are below $300 may be charged a $40 delivery fee.
  • All orders that are bound for the U.S. are subject to a $5 ACE fee to offset CBP reporting expenses.
  • Orders that are shipped in boxes will be charged for the packaging, unless agreed upon otherwise.
  • Open accounts are to be paid net 30, we offer 2% discount if your invoice is paid within 10 days with a cheque and no other balance outstanding.
  • Credit card payments are accepted without a fee if processed within 10 days of invoice, and no other invoices outstanding.
  • Invoices paid on a net 30 terms by credit card are subject to a 2% credit card processing fee.
  • Statements are issued monthly, any overdue balances are charged 1% per month.
  • Requests for credit need to be made within 48 business hours of receiving your order, and product claimed needs to held until approved by a Mainland Floral sales representative, as we may choose to pick up the product claimed.
  • We ask that you DO NOT short pay invoices. Please call A/R for more info or speak with your sales rep.
  • Some cut flowers may be sent to you in UFG refundable buckets. These buckets have a deposit value, and we keep track on a Bucket Control Form (click to open/download form) of how many buckets you receive from us as well as how many you return to us. After each month end a balance will be made and a credit note or invoice will be sent to you. It is your responsibility to ensure the buckets are ready for pick up by our driver. Please ensure you pay the bucket invoice or take the bucket credit sent to you.
  • For most items the order deadline is 3PM on Monday/Thursday, items ordered later than that may be charged a late order fee, upon the discretion of the salesperson, in order to off set the extra cost to accommodate the late order.
  • In order to facilitate the efficient shipping and delivery of your order we provide racks. These racks are strictly provided for the transportation of your order, and need to be emptied by your staff upon delivery, or if so agreed be ready for pick up the week after. Under NO circumstance can these carts be used for your internal storage or transportation.
  • Please note that our liability does not extend beyond the price of the product.
  • All products offered are subject to prior sale, and are subject to availability.
  • In case of shortage of product, standing orders will have first priority, pre-booked orders will be second to get filled and regular orders will be filled last.
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