We supply our customers with fresh cutflowers and potted plant, all grown in BC. Our own temperature controlled trucks service the following areas on a year round scheduled basis:

  • Seattle/Tacoma area
  • Washington Peninsula area
  • Spokane area
  • Portland area
  • Eugene area
  • Kennewick/Tricities area, WA
  • Edmonton area
  • Calgary area
  • The Kootenays
  • The Okanagan

We also deliver to Seatac Airport in order to serve our customers in Alaska and other areas that are not serviced by our trucks. Let us show you how to expand your product line and simplify your purchasing at the same time. Please contact us to find out when the next delivery to your area takes place!


Phone: (604) 856-1264
Fax: (604) 856-1273
Email: sales@mainlandfloral.ca

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