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Hover your cursor over the map to see your HUC-12 subwatershed name. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Large print version of the recreational guide text (RTF), Bureau of Facility Design and Construction, Conservation & Natural Resources Advisory Council. The entire White Clay watershed covers 100 square miles in Pennsylvania and Delaware, with the creek itself flowing southeast to the Christina River in Newport and on into the Delaware River at Wilmington. Macroinvertebrate Sampling Sites in the White Clay. Watershed Facts Watershed History Wild & Scenic Rivers The Pennsylvania portion still retains a rural character while the Delaware portion is more suburbanized. Approximately 55% of the White Clay Creek watershed lies in Pennsylvania, 45% lies in Delaware and less than 1% lies in Maryland. Economic activity including market and non-market value of water quality, water supply, fish/wildlife, recreation, agriculture, forests, and public parks benefits. Please note that the background maps are maintained by a variety of public sources and driving directions usually go to the nearest large road. It was prepared as part of a study to evaluate the White Clay Creek for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. (In the case of White Clay Creek, the area to be studied for protection was designated as the creek and its tributaries, collectively referred to in this document as the 'White Clay Creek watershed.') Red Clay Creek is a 12.7-mile-long (20.4 km) tributary of White Clay Creek, running through southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware in the United States. White Clay Creek watershed in Chester County, Pennsylvania, New Castle County, Delaware, and Cecil County, Maryland estimated as: 1. Determine what your watershed address is. In 1998, the White Clay Creek experimental watershed, extending from the Stroud Water Research Center north to the headwaters, was designated as a site for long-term research in environmental biology (LTREB). This story map was created with the Story Map Series application in ArcGIS Online. The White Clay Creek is a tributary of the Christina River and flows southward out of the Piedmont geologic province in Pennsylvania and into Delaware near Newark. White Clay Creek Preserve Recreational Guide (PDF). Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Alternate versions of the text of the brochures are in rich text and text formats. Protect clean air, clean water, and public health and conserve working farms, forests, and natural lands. This geological boundary between the Piedmont, characterized by hills and A minimum of 2:1 funds leveraging to implement projects and programs throughout the White Clay, including Stream Watch and Catch the Rain. A dialog box will appear showing what is selected. Location of registered dams in the White Clay Creek. The Interactive GIS Map uses Geographic Information Systems to create a map that does not need to be downloaded and features driving directions, searchable park amenities, and customizable maps. White Clay Creek State Park Maryland Natural AreaMiddle Run Judge Morris Estate Elevation 370 ft Unnamed Lenape (3.4 mi.) Emphasis is given to cooperative actions to protect resource values. Since its official designation as a National Wild and Scenic River in 2000, the National Park Service, the White Clay Creek Steering Committee, and partner organizations have worked together to preserve watershed features that enhance water quality, natural resources and the over all quality of life. miles) in Pennsylvania and Delaware and is the home of 95,000 people. The White Clay Creek Watershed Management Committee, established in September 2001, seeks to promote the long-term protection of the White Clay Creek watershed and its unique natural and cultural resources in Pennsylvania and Delaware and to support, coordinate and facilitate the … The White Clay is the first National Wild and Scenic River protected in its entirety.This marked the first time an entire watershed - rather than just a section of river - had been designated into the system. White Clay Creek drains more than 69,000 acres in southeastern Pennsylvania and northwestern The White Clay Creek study represents the first time an entire watershed was studied for designation. The Pennsylvania side of the watershed is still … White Clay Creek and Its Setting The White Clay Creek watershed is one of only a few relatively intact, unspoiled and ecologically functioning river systems remaining in the highly congested and developed corridor between Philadelphia and Newark, Delaware. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. The White Clay Creek State Park, managed by Delaware, and the White Clay Creek Preserve, managed by Pennsylvania, are maintained as natural areas accommodating passive recreation. The Christina River Watershed Cleanup’s mission has always been the removal of man-made debris from within this beautiful watershed, while raising public awareness for pollution prevention. The 107-square-mile (280 km 2) White Clay Creek watershed is home to nearly 100,000 people and includes parts of Chester County, Pennsylvania and New Castle County, Delaware. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Step 3. Use the + and – tools to zoom out to get a better look at what your watershed looks like. White Clay Creek. The White Clay Creek was designated a National Wild and Scenic River by an act of Congress in October 2000. Alternate versions of the text of the brochures are in rich text and text formats. White Clay Creek Watershed (Figure 5) 108 University of Delaware Experimental Watershed (Figure 6) 2 The University of Delaware (UD) Experimental Watershed lies within the boundaries of the White Clay Creek watershed which drains 69,000 acres (108 sq. White Clay Creek Watershed Management Committee. The groundwater and waterways of the White Clay watershed provide drinking water to over 120,000 people and is the drinking water supply for Newark, DE. Keystone State. In 2000, the White Clay Creek and its tributaries were added into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. Figure 5. White Clay Wild & Scenic River Program/White Clay Watershed Association, PO Box 10, Landenberg, PA, 19350, United States. The White Clay Creek watershed covers 107square miles in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Merestone, also known as the John S. Reese, IV, House, is a historic estate located in New Garden Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, and New Castle County, Delaware, spanning the border of the two states. Since the Cleanup began in 1992, more than 360 tons of tires, appliances, household items, and other trash have been cleared from within the watershed. The Brandywine Creek has six surface water intakes and numerous public water supply wells located within the watershed … Other parks in the watershed are designed for heavier uses including: sport fields, basketball courts, and picnic facilities. White Clay Wild & Scenic River Program/White Clay Watershed Association, PO Box 10, Landenberg, PA, 19350, United States mpc@whiteclay.org mpc@whiteclay.org A watershed is an area of land that drains water into a specific body of water. In October 2000, Congress designated White Clay Creek as a Partnership Wild and Scenic River. ... White Clay Creek: Chester Creek: Cobbs Creek: Crum Creek: Darby Creek: Ridley Creek: Crow Creek: French Creek: Gulph Creek: Pickering Creek: Pigeon Creek: Schuylkill River: Stony Run: Trout Creek: Valley Creek Map of sites sampled in the White Clay Creek watershed from 1991-2008. It was the first watershed in its entirety (280 km2) to be designated as a National Wild and Soil Associations in the White Clay Creek watershed 2.4 Geology White Clay Watershed is located along a fall line, which is a transition zone between an upland region and a plain. In the Model My Watershed screenshots below (click to enlarge), you’ll see that Avondale, Pennsylvania, is in the Brandywine-Christina subbasin, White Clay Creek watershed, and East Branch White Clay Creek subwatershed. As of 2000, portions of the creek are under wildlife habitat protection. Recreational Guide. Try fly-fishing, or casting your line from the creek’s edge. Macroinvertebrate sampling sites and stream condition classification from the 2010 Stream Watch Report developed by Stroud Water Research Center. Lovely creek vistas and mature forests, rolling hills and pastoral farm scenes, New York's waters (lakes, rivers and streams) fall within one of 17 major watersheds, or drainage basins.

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